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Prizes are essential for groups raising money for the “common pot.” They are less important for those groups that are raising money for individual accounts (for example, to offset individual travel expenses for a class trip). We always use them with the NO RISK brochure sales, but not always with the chocolate bar or lollipop sales. But either way, prizes can be the “make or break” motivation for some sellers.

Since each group is different, let’s communicate. We have options that will “wow” your sellers and help you raise the money you need. To accomplish that, we need to know

1. The reason you are doing a fundraiser

2. How much you need to raise

3. The size of your selling group

4. The approximate ages of the sellers

5. Whether the money is tallied individually for the seller, or placed in a “common pot”

As you can see, each group’s situation is unique. We want to hook you up with the prizes that will do the most for your group in your situation. That is where we shine, so let’s communicate!

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