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The most sensational pies anywhere. Our most popular times for
this sale are Thanksgiving and Easter deliveries. But sell
them earlier! You will find people begging you next year
to sell these again. Even more popular since so many
Baker’s Square restaurants have been shuttered.

They are delivered frozen, and are the most temperature
sensitive item we sell (must be in a freezer within about
6 hours).

Ships to: 100 mile radius from Chicago from 1 warehouse

Months Available: October – April

Order: Free brochure for each seller

Risk: Absolutely No Risk, sellers take preorders
and we send you what you have already sold

Storage: 6 hours room temperature,
6 months in freezer

Ease of Delivery: Moderately easy*

* This is a frozen item.
Must have freezer or be quick with delivery.

*We pay all freight on orders of 400 items or
more. Smaller orders split the freight with us
on a sliding scale.