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No Risk Brochure Sales

We offer 2 very different methods of doing a fundraiser. First, our chocolate and lollipop sales are simple, as you order what you think you will need and sell it until it is gone. Nice!

Second, our NO RISK brochure sale is actually the favored choice of most of our customers.

Below are the brochure choices.

1. You choose the brochure you want to sell with your organization.

2. Phone or Email us to order one brochure for each of your sellers.

3. Sell the items from the brochures for about 7-10 days while collecting the money.

4. Keep the profits from your sale, and pay for only what you already have sold.

5. We send you the product to fulfill those orders. Many items will arrive sorted by seller. Cookie dough can even be sent to each customer’s home for you (called Cookie Dough Home Delivery).  

6. There is NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE ANY MONEY using these brochures as a fundraiser.

The wisest choice? Contact us today to discuss which brochure fits your needs!

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