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Buy your fundraising candy here today with confidence.
LOW PRICE GUARANTEE for 7 days: if you find a lower price
on another legitimate website for the identical product, we
will not only match it, but beat it by 2%. If you find a
lower price, simply email us the website name so we
can verify it, and the lower price is yours!

You can’t get a better price than at !

Everything in the lollipop section is resistant to heat.
So you can sell these items when it might be harder
to sell chocolate (June – August). Plus people
love our lollipops and Jelly Bellies.

Ships to: ANYWHERE in the continental
USA from any 1 of 6 warehouses

Months Available: ALL YEAR

Order: Order what you need and sell it until
it is gone, remember our Low Price Guarantee

Risk: Low risk, be careful to only
order what you can sell

Storage: Room temperature

Ease of Delivery: Very Easy


Please contact or email us to order!

Fifty Cent Items
MEGA Rounds

Shockwaves Sour Pops
Crème de la Crème


PROFIT: We keep our prices simple: always 50% or more. You make at least half on every lollipop you sell.

FREE CASES: Get ONE FREE master case for each 10 cases after the first 10. (So get 1 free with 20, 2 with 30, 3 with 40, etc.)

SHIPPING: $35 freight charge added to all lollipop deliveries of less than 10 master cases. Free freight on orders of 10 cases or more.

ARRIVAL TIME: please allow up to a week minimum for your chocolate to arrive.