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Cookie Dough

Mom’s Secret Recipe® cookie dough remains an amazingly
popular item that rewards you with big dollars.

Ships to: ANYWHERE in the continental USA
from 1 of 3 warehouses (delivery can be to
group or to each individual home)

Months Available: August – June

Order: Free brochure for each seller

Risk: Absolutely No Risk, sellers take preorders
and we send you what you have already sold

Storage: 7 days at room temperature, 1 year in freezer

Ease of DeliveryEasy*

*We pay all freight on orders of 400 items or more. Smaller
orders split the freight with us on a sliding scale.
Dough is available in either tubs or proportioned boxes,
2.7 pounds of dough.

*Or ask us how we can deliver it directly to each home
for you. Dough is available in only tubs for home delivery.