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America’s Variety Pack

America’s Variety Pack ($1)
60 bars to a carrier, and 4 carriers to a master case, 5 flavors

Our Van Wyk One Dollar Bar chocolate fundraisers are easy-to-sell and provide a high profit for your group. This variety pack chocolate fundraiser is ideal for club, school, or team fund raising projects.

  • 60-Count Variety Pack Fundraiser
  • Premium, High Profit Chocolate
  • 4 carriers of 60 Bars / 240 Bars per Master Case
  • Entirely PEANUT-FREE (Manufactured in a PEANUT-FREE facility)
  • Chocolate bars are 1.5 ounces



16 / Creamy Caramel
16 / Milk Chocolate with Almonds
12 / Crispy Rice
8 / Milk Chocolate
8 / Dark Chocolate with Almonds


Please contact or email us to order!

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America’s Variety Pack
United We Stand Variety Pack


PROFIT: We keep our prices simple: always 50% or more. You make at least half on every bar you sell.
1 case = $104 profit ($35 freight)
5 cases = $520 profit ($35 freight)
10 cases = $1,040 profit (free freight)
20 cases = $2,288 profit (free freight)
100 cases = $12,272 profit (free freight)

An America’s Variety Pack master case retails for $208. You make $104 on every case, or $1040 total for the first 10 cases. After the first 10 cases, your profit on those increments of 10 cases will be $1248, or $124.80 each! Entire shipment delivered for only $35 total freight if order is less than 10 cases, but free freight for all orders of 10 cases or more.

FREE CASES: Get ONE FREE master case for each 10 cases after the first 10. (So get 1 free with 20, 2 with 30, 3 with 40, etc.)

SHIPPING: $35 freight charge added to all chocolate bar deliveries of less than 10 master cases. Free freight on orders of 10 cases or more.

ARRIVAL TIME: please allow up to a week minimum for your chocolate to arrive.